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"Laurel was the person we immediately thought of when we needed clean vocals on our record. It was definitely very different than anything she had done but it didn't phase her at all. With minimal direction she was able to come up with melodies, harmonies and completely nailed down the vibe of our record without issue. We'd go back to her every time. Not to mention she is the kindest and most caring individual. She will care about you and your music"

- KW, Vile Creature

Laurel Minnes has been gaining a name for herself in the Niagara music scene through her collaborations with groups such as Majora, Whitney Pea, The Joe Lapinski Band and more. She is a multi-instrumentalist whose focus is ukulele and voice. She has a penchant for finding unique vocal harmonies and dressing up covers in completely new styles. She is the recipient of the Songwriter of the year Niagara Music Award for 2018, and was nominated for Female Vocalist and Best Original Song.

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Minuscule is a musical outpouring of inner voices. It is Minnes' way of now striking it out on her own – though a choir and band of 15 others is hardly alone. All parts are composed, arranged and conducted by Minnes, and focus on the inner conversations and battles we have with ourselves. It is a musical journal that offers brutal honesty with no barriers, set to wide spanning genres – from hip-hop to classic choral arrangements.

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 "Led by a female vocalist who plays a ukulele...

they've got a kind of psychedelic funky folk thing going on, real high energy."

- Graham Morley, Pindles

Laurel & Hulley

From pop favourites to deep-cuts, jazz standards to club-bangers, Laurel & Hulley will bring back the soundtrack to all your favourite memories. A wedding, a coffee shop, a bar, a backyard -  this band sits pretty in any city, but loves to call Niagara home.

Joe Lapinski Band


"It would be easy to dismiss The Beauty Beyond as the work of a gifted mimic if it weren’t for the quality of the songs, which are at once structurally complex and effortlessly melodic. The title track, “I Will Stay” and “You!” are all multipart suites bursting with subtle hooks, while “Rock/Mountain,” featuring Whitney Peterson and Laurel Minnes (Whitney Pea) on harmonies, climaxes with a wistful, cinematic back-and-forth between Lapinski’s accordion and Jason Kennemy’s piano. "

- Thierry Côté, Exclaim! 

Whitney Pea

"Whitney Pea's vocal counterpart Laurel Minnes cleverly supports her music with chilling harmonies." 

- Whitneypea.com


"There are many hidden gems in the Niagara Music scene, but Whitney Pea and her ace band stand out as one of the brightest."

- Aerated, In The Soil Fest Blog

Vile Creature

"For a band like this, lyrics are crucial, and Vile Creature's are delivered in menacing hodgepodge; guest vocalist Laurel Minnes' sweet, pure lines skitter and sway atop KW's and Vic's strangled howls and decayed growls that foretell darkness and reckoning. 

- Kim Kelly, Vice.com


Hulley is a multi-instrumental singer/song-writer who has been playing with various groups around the Niagara Region for over a decade. His debut solo album was released April 2015, and beautifully captures his honest and heartfelt songwriting style.


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